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    Spot sufficient Factory direct Production experience

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    Quality management method Our company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D, processing and sales of modified plastics. The production mode of small batch and customization makes quality management very difficult and uncertain. According to the product characteristics, the following quality management methods are adopted. • hierarchical management Product classification management: implement classified quality control strategy for general products, new products and circular economy products. Key products and customers, and establish a quality crisis early warning and risk prevention mechanism. • source management The factors that have the greatest impact on product quality are design quality and raw material quality. In the aspects of customer demand identification, raw material confirmation, pilot test evaluation, mass production evaluation, change management, etc., strengthen quality management and reduce internal and external quality losses. • optimal quality cost Improve the quality cost accounting system, guide quality improvement with quality cost indicators, improve the first pass rate and pay attention to the efficiency of quality inspection. • process performance management Quality management is process management, which extracts the key process performance from the process, and controls the process performance well, so as to obtain satisfactory quality performance.

  • 3.Who Are the Customers of the Recycled Plastics?

    • Major brands have all committed to used minimum 25% PCR in their packaging by 2025 • EU, Australia and several US states have set the mandatory PCR rate • The major PCR suppliers are in EU and NA

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